Pound | 30-45 MIN

Pound is a full-body cardio jam session inspired by drumming. Using Ripstix®, lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, torch calories and tone while rocking to your favorite music!

M - 9:30am & 5:30pm | Valerie

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A high-intensity, interval style group training class. This small group training focuses on total body strength and conditioning utilizing barbells, kettle bells, resistance equipment and/or bands focused on short, but intense bootcamp based workouts. Pushing, pulling and squatting included with the help of your coach!

M - 5:30am | Jesse & 5:30pm | Clinton

W - 5:30am | Scotty

F - 5:30am | Rotation


BOOTCAMP 101 | 45 Min

Get back to the basics with Bootcamp 101. This bootcamp style workout is run in a unique way. Your coach will define and explain exactly what exercises you will perform and how to modify or increase your workout. This class offers cardiovascular, strength and endurance training making your body stronger!

W - 8:15am | Clinton

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Pilates | 45 min

Exercises that focus of flexibility, balance and coordination as well as improving core strength. Pilates emphasizes postural alignment using mats, balls and/or small hand weights all while maintaining proper form and breathing techniques are incorporated.

M - 10:00am | Erin & 6:20pm | Valerie

F - 10:00am | Ginger or Valerie

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Cardio Fit | 45-60 min

This class is a “tabata” based class consisting of a warm up, cardiovascular and strength training using a timer for consistency. Abdominal and core strengthening are also included at the end of class using a variety of equipment.

M - 4:15pm | Danya

Tu - 6:00am & 5:30pm | Meg

Th - 4:15pm & 5:30pm | Meg


Strength fit | 45-60 min

This class is a total body toning class using a variety of exercise equipment with circuit style group training. This class will tone, strengthen and make your body stronger!

Tu - 4:15pm | Meg or Danya

Th - 6:00am | Meg & 9:15am | Nelly



This fun filled 45-minute senior class incorporates exercises from a chair using low impact exercises to build bone density, muscular strength, and flexibility. This class enhances overall fitness and wellness. Some standing balance exercises may be incorporated.

Tu - 9:30am | Mary Kate

W - 9:30am | Mary Kate

Th - 9:30am | Valerie

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Pilates FUSION | 45 min

A low intensity blend of flexibility, balance and gentle Pilates techniques infused with stretching and abdominal strengthening exercises ending with positive relaxation exercises.

Tu - 10:00am | Valerie

W - 6:00pm | Ginger

Th - 10:00am | Nelly

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Zumba® | 1Hr

A total core workout experience! This trunk focused routine will train your abs and sculpt your core. Modifications, safety and spinal health are all a part of this workout.

Tu - 9:00am | Valerie & 6:20pm | Sabrina

Th - 5:45pm | Sabrina


Step fit | 45 min

Step Fit is a step aerobics classic workout that delivers results. (You choose your 4 to 12-inch step and intensity level.) Hand weights or tubing are added to the workout off of the step for strength training. 45 minutes of Step Fit burns 500 calories on average!

W - 5:00pm | Ginger

Coach’s Choice

This class offers a variety of classes with a different coach’s choice of workout every Saturday! Classes are posted monthly. Come try something new!

S - 9:00am | Rotation


core Conditioning | 30 Min

This trunk focused routine will train your abs and strengthen your core.Modifications, safety and lower back health are all a part of this workout. This class is for all fitness levels.

W - 12:05pm | Nelly

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