$75 Registration

$90 after player assessments

Our Soccer league is for boys and girls in Pre-K4 through 8th grade. It is a 6 game season and teams practice once a week and games are on Saturdays. Kids have the opportunity to enjoy working together as a team as they learn the fundamentals of soccer. Like all of our leagues, there is a skills progression for every division. For example, in the Pre-K4 division there is no goalie and players are required to shoot from outside a shooting arc. In all other division goalies are used. For the full set of progressions in each divisions see the rulebook.

In order to build teams with evenly distributed skill levels, every child is required to attend a player assessment. Player assessments are a series of drills designed to measure a player’s ability. Players are scored and those scores are used for team assignment. Assessments are not tryouts, and every player will be assigned a team.

2019 Season Information

  • Registration opens January 14, 2019.

  • Assessments are from 4:30 - 6:00pm on February 25 & 26. Choose the day and time that works best for your family.

  • Practice begins the week of April 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can my child be on the same team as his friends?

We cannot put a group of friends all on the same team. We do assessments so that each team can have a variety of skill levels. We believe it is important for children to meet new friends and for parents to meet new friends too!

+ What if we can't practice on certain nights?

We Cannot honor more than one practice night exclusion. Please only exclude one night, and only if absolutely necessary.

+ Can my child carpool with other parents?

We will only honor carpool request for people living outside the Hattiesburg area or for working parents who rely on others to bring their children to practice.

+ Will all my children practice on the same night?

We will try to get all children from one family on the same practice night. Not all age groups practice on all three nights so sometimes this is not possible.

+ What if I ordered the wrong size uniform?

Uniform sizes need to be carefully chosen. Reorders will cost $13 for shirts and $10 for shorts.